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How To Prepare Artwork For Printed Beanie Patches

This article covers artwork requirements for getting great results for your custom patches.

Patch Size

The beanie patch is 3.5" wide X 2.0" high.

File Size

The recommended file size is 1350 pixels X 900 pixels. This size file leaves ample room to properly fold your patch and achieve and "all over" effect.

File Resolution

Recommended file resoluton is 300 DPI. Minimum acceptable file resolution is 150 DPI.

Patch Shape

The shape of the patch is a rectangle.

Patch Design Template

All hats use the same size and shape hat patch. You can download our artwork template below:

beanie patch template

download the apliiq beanie patch template.

Using the hat patch template

We recommend opening the hat patch template as it's own layer, then adding your artwork as a new layer to the file. When you export your artwork, make sure to only export your artwork and not the template layer.

Everything within the outline will be prominently displayed on the patch. Make sure your artwork extends outside of the black lines so when the patch is folded you get a true all over print. If your artwork doesn't extend outside the line our artists may improve your artwork to get the all over print aesthetic.

When you upload your artwork to the website you will still need to position it to look accurate in the digital mock up. To ensure more precise placement, email your artwork to artist@apliiq.com with your order number.

What to do if your file is too small

Sometimes you may need to use existing design element to create your hat patch artwork. If your file is too small you still have options to make amazing happen.

  • Consider keeping your artwork small and tiling it. This will create a repeating pattern that can look great as a custom hat.
  • Try locating a larger version of your file.
  • Our artists can vectorize your artwork for you so it can be properly scaled up. We are happy to do this free of charge, in most cases the artwork will be altered slightly.

File Types

We recommend using .png files to submit your artwork via the website design experience. The website also accepts .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or svg. We are happy to accept vector artwork via email. Please email your order # and vector artwork to artist@apliiq.com.

Patch Material

Hat patches are printed on 100% polyester. The polyester is a matte white. If there is any transparency in your file it will be white when your patch is produced.

Patch Printing

All hat patches are printed with sublimation printing. Sublimation printing can achieve super bright prints and fade very little over time and with washing.

Photorealistic Artwork On Hats

Historically, there have not been great options for getting high resolution (photo realistic) artwork onto hats. Traditional methods of hat embellishment, like embroidery, simply don't support the level of detail within a photograph. However, printed patches do support very high detail and even photorealistic images.

Color preparation and matching

Disclaimer: When images are printed the colors may not match exactly what you see on your screen. Unfortunately, there are differences between how colors are rendered on a computer or phone screen versus how colors are constructed with patch printing.

Our artists do not color correct your artwork on your behalf, but there are steps you can take to improve the colors in your print. Read the color matching article to find out how. This article references pocket tees, but is relevant for hats too.