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How To Prepare Artwork For Appliqué also known as "cut and sew"

This article covers how to prepare your artwork to get the best appliqué possible.

File Size & Resolution

To get the most accurate representation for the repeat of the fabric, we recommend uploading a 1000 px X 1000 px image.

Applique artwork template

Simply add your artwork as a black image to the template. Download here

File Types

We recommend uploading your artwork to the website as a .png. The website also accepts .jpg, .gif, or .bmp. You can upload high resolution artwork and vectors by linking your artwork.

Colors In Arwork

We recommend your appliqué artwork to have 2 colors only; black and white. When you upload your artwork to the website, the website will trace your artwork. All black areas will be "filled" with fabric and all white ares will be removed from the artwork (transparent areas are considered white).

If you artwork contains other colors, or other shades, you will not receive an accurate trace and some of your artwork may not appear in your applique.

Level Of Detail In Artwork

Since appliqué requires cutting your artwork out of fabric and stitching it onto the garment, it does not support fine details. The smallest size shape allowed is 5mm & at that size the fabric will be barely noticable. Any small shapes within your applique artwork will be removed by our artist prior to production or converted into embroidery.

For artwork that is too complicated for applique, our artists will simplify the artwork, or recommend a different service, for example digital print.

Best For Big Bold Shapes

Appliqué is best for big bold shapes. For example, large block letters and numbers tend to work great. Many logos are also good applique candidates.

Garment Selection

Since appliqué sews a thin layer of fabric onto an existing garment, we find that it is best suited to base garments that are thicker. Thicker garments tend to support the weight of the applique better. For example, hoodies and crewneck sweatshirts are great for applique. Some heavier weight t shirts work ok too.

Fabric Limitations

We limit appliqué to only 100% polyester fabrics. The synthetic nature of these fabrics provide great results with cutting, featuring clean lines and very minimal loose threads.