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How To Get The Brightest Possible Digital Print

If you are looking to get bright and vibrant prints for your artwork, you have come to the right place. This article covers key decisions to get the most vibrant digital prints.

Disclaimer: We will not refund or reprint orders that appear faded due to the material or color of the garment, insufficient contrast between artwork and base garment, or because you believe the print is not bright enough.

Base Garment Selection

Choosing the right base garment has a huge impact on how bright or faded your print turns out.

Material of Garment

Digital prints will be most vibrant on 100% cotton base garments. Digital printing on a blended garment (for example, 50% cotton / 50% polyester) will appear faded versus the same print on a 100% cotton garment.

Color of Garment

Selecting a white colored garment will always provide the brightest printing results. White garments will also be more affordable because they don't require printing a base of white ink below the design. Light colored garments can also provide good results. Dark and bright colored garments (like reds, blues, greens, pinks) tend to "show through" your design, making the print appear more faded or making print colors different than you may expect ​because the garment color adds it's own base layer of color. Watch a quick digital print comparison video.

Artwork Colors

Selecting the right colors in your artwork also increases the vibrancy of your prints. When printing on white or light garments, darker artwork colors will appear more vibrant. For example, reds will appear more vibrant than pinks in most cases. To learn more about colors and digital prints click here.

Contrast Between Print And Base Garment

Ensuring contrast between the color of the garment and the colors in your artwork will provide more vibrant prints. For example, printing blue artwork on a blue shirt, will not provide a vibrant print.

Brightest Prints

It is noteworthy that screen printing consistently delivers brighter prints. In some cases only a screenprint can deliver a super vibrant print. For example, white artwork on a dark base garment.

The Vintage Aesthetic

We allow digital prints on nearly all colors and materials of t shirts and hoodies, even though they don't offer the most vibrants prints. We have done this to accomodate designs that are intentionally printed to appear vintage or faded.