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How To Prepare Artwork For Digital Print

This article covers artwork requirements for achieving great print quality when using digital printing.

File Resolution

  • Recommend: 300 dpi
  • Acceptable: 150 dpi
  • Not acceptable: less than 150 dpi

Files Size

Files must be provided at the size you need to print. If you need 10" x 10" print, your artwork should also be set to 10" x 10". If you are unsure what size to print your artwork, we recommend measuring a real t shirt to see how different sizes look.

Please Note: In most cases you cannot simply "resize" an existing small file to increase it's size. You need to find the original larger file or recreate the artwork at the appropriate size.

Files Size & Resolution Examples

  • A 5" X 5" print @ 300 dpi is a 1500 X 1500 pixel image
  • A 10" X 10" print @ 300 dpi is a 3000 X 3000 pixel image
  • A 12" X 12" print @ 300 dpi is a 3600 X 3600 pixel image

What to do if your file is too small

If your file is too small you still have options to make amazing happen.

  • try locating a larger version of your file
  • print your artwork at a smaller size, many prints don't need to be as large as you'd think to look good
  • our artists can vectorize your artwork for you so it can be properly scaled up. we are happy to do this free of charge, in most cases the artwork will be altered slightly

File Types

We recommend using .png files to submit your artwork via the website design experience. The website also accepts .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or svg. We are happy to accept vector artwork via email. Please email your order # and vector artwork to artist@apliiq.com.

Maximimum Digital Print Size

The largest print size is 13.5" inches wide by 15.5" tall. Some products or placements, like children's clothing and youth or lady garments do not have a large enough printable area to achieve the max print size. The exact size of your artwork is listed during design under your artwork.

Color Preparation and Matching

Disclaimer: When images are printed the colors may not match exactly what you see on your screen. You are responsible for color preparation in your artwork and we will not refund or reprint orders for color differences.

Our artists cannot color correct your artwork on your behalf, but there are steps you can take to improve the colors in your print. Read the color matching article to find out how.

Print Brightness

Disclaimer: You are responsible for choosing artwork and garments that will create bright prints. We will not refund or reprint orders due to lack of brightness.

While digital printing can create phenomenal results, it doesn't deliver the brightest prints. We will automatically pretreat garments and print a white base when it will deliver a brighter print. To maximize print vibrancy, print on 100% cotton white garments. Check out this article to learn more about additional steps you can take to get the brightest prints.