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How To Prepare Artwork For Screen Print

This article covers artwork requirements for achieving great print quality when using screen printing

File Resolution

  • Recommend: 300 dpi
  • Acceptable: 150 dpi
  • Not acceptable: less than 150 dpi

Files Size

Files must be provided at the size you need to print. If you need 10" x 10" print, your artwork should also be set to 10" x 10". If you are unsure what size to print your artwork, we recommend measuring a real t shirt to see how different sizes look.

Please Note: In most cases you cannot simply "resize" an existing small file to increase it's size. You need to find the original larger file or recreate the artwork at the appropriate size.

Files Size & Resolution Examples

  • A 5" X 5" print @ 300 dpi is a 1500 X 1500 pixel image
  • A 10" X 10" print @ 300 dpi is a 3000 X 3000 pixel image
  • A 12" X 12" print @ 300 dpi is a 3600 X 3600 pixel image

File Types

We recommend using .png files to submit your artwork via the website design experience. The website also accepts .jpg, .gif, .bmp, or svg. We are happy to accept vector artwork via email. Please email your order # and vector artwork to artist@apliiq.com.

Maximimum Screen Print Size

The largest print size that you can order on the website is 13.5" inches wide by 15.5" tall. Some products like children's clothing, youth, or lady garments do not have a large enough printable area to achieve the max print size. Additionally, some placements like sleeves or pant legs are not large enough to achieve the max print size. The exact size of your artwork is listed during design under your artwork.

Jumbo Prints Available

We also allow jumbo prints which can be printed 18" x 18". Jumbo prints require a custom quote, request a quote for jumbo print via live chat or cs@apliiq.com.

Color matching

We use Pantone Matching System to achieve the most accurate color representation for screen prints. When you upload your artwork and select screen printing, the website will automatically detect and display colors in your artwork that match our available pantone colors. The apliiq color chart shows our available colors. If your art requires specific pantone colors, please email them to artist@apliiq.com with your order number.

Disclaimer: When images are printed the colors may not match exactly what you see on your screen. Unfortunately, there are differences between how colors are rendered on a computer or phone screen versus how colors are constructed with screen printing.

Maximum number of colors

Orders placed online can contain up to 6 colors. If your artwork requires more than 6 colors you can request an estimate by emailing cs@apliiq.com.

Use of Color

Each additional color used in the print adds additional cost. For this reason, we recommend a considered use of color while creating artwork for screen print. If you artwork contains a multitude of colors, you may want to consider digital printing.

Color separations

Our artists will handle all color separation for you.