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Artwork Requirements - Your Responsibilities

In making custom apparel, great results start with great artwork. Specific requirements for each type of artwork can be found here.

We know it's crazy that we even have to say this, but here we go:

It is your responsibility to provide accurate and correct artwork for your order. Sounds pretty reasonable right? Afterall, if the artwork you are providing isn't accurate, how would we even know what to make?

For example, if you have a digital print that you want printed in teal, the artwork file you submit must be a teal print. It is not enough to just name your design "teal print" or leave a note that says "teal." There are thousands of shades of teal, so it is important that your file provides the proper teal you want. If you need help converting your file to be teal, in some cases we maybe able to help you, in other cases you may need to find a graphic designer to convert your artwork to meet your specifications.

In instances where the Apliiq website prompts you to select a color for your artwork (screen printing & embroidery), your artwork should clearly represent the colors you are selecting.

For example if you are submitting a rose to be embroidered and you'd like to use red and green thread, your artwork file should accurately depict which part of the rose is red and which part of the rose is green. And you can select the corresponding colors in the thread color selection area.

If your artwork file and color selections aren't clear, it is impossible for us to know what you want. Our artist may to reach out to you to gain clarity or we may use our best judgement given the information you have provided.

Apliiq will not remake, refund, or provide credit in scenarios that you provided artwork that is not representative of the work you want completed. We are not responsible for you providing unclear, inaccurate, incomplete, or contradictory artwork and instructions. We strongly urge you to work with a qualified graphic designer to create high quality artwork that is representative of what you want created.