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Tips For Adding Notes To Custom T Shirt Designs

Yes, it’s true, sometimes manufactures speak in crazy languages and use terms that don’t quite make sense and you aren’t sure if you are getting your point across. These quick tips will help you communicate with your manufacturing partners and ensure you getting exactly what you need.

Let’s review a couple quick tips on the most common types of notes you may want to specify about your artwork.

Artwork Placement

  • Centering your artwork. When you specify for your artwork to be centered, this refers to the horizontal alignment of the the artwork, meaning the center of your artwork will be placed in the center of the neckline. By default, we will center prints that appear to be in the center of the mock up.
  • In general, you don’t want to “center” the vertical alignment of artwork as it will result in prints that are too low on the garment. Standard placement of artwork on a t shirt is approximately 3” from the seam of the neck to the top of the artwork. Feel free to specify a different placement option, like 2” from the neck.

Artwork Colors

  • Whenever you are requesting a specific color to be matched, a PMS color code must be provided. This is because every computer screen will display colors differently. Please note, in some cases color matching may cost extra.
  • Use a note to specify colors for thread in embroidery or applique. For example, please use a “sparkly gold thread.” Or “use a light gray thread.”

Artwork Size

  • Notes are a great way to specify the size you want your artwork to be. A standard size range for a chest print on an adult shirt is 10” width. A woman's garment standard size is 8” width. A standard kids size is 6”.
  • In most cases there is no need to specify the height of the artwork as that can be determined based on the image you provide.

If you aren’t sure if you placement, color, or artwork size is possible, it never hurts to reach out and ask.