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How To Install The Dropshipping Private App

Approximate Read Time: 3 to 5 minutes / Video 6 minutes

The Best Kept Secret On Shopify

So you maybe asking yourself, why can't I install this app from the Shopify app store, why is it setup as a private app? The reason is that this app isn't for everyone. It's not a print on demand app like all the other ones out there. It is an apparel on demand app for people that are serious about selling apparel. For now, we are happy with it being the best kept secret on Shopify.

Video Walk Through Of Installing the App

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Step 1: Setup Private App in Shopify

You can install the Apliiq app directly into your Shopify store by using a Shopify private app.

Login to your shopify store & navigate to the apps section.

Click the link at the bottom of your app list to setup a private app, then click the button "Create a Private App."

Name the app (recommend: apliiq dropshipping) and grant the app access to read & write orders and read & write products, variants, and collections. After you save your app, you will be prompted to agree to the Shopify API terms and conditions, which you must do.

After you successfully setup your private app in Shopify, you will be displayed some information about the app. You will need to copy and paste this information into the Apliiq website in the following steps, so it's best if you leave that window open.

apparel on demand store installation

Step 2: Setup store on Apliiq

Next, we will setup a store on the Apliiq website and link it to your Shopify store. Go to your apliiq store page and create a new store.

how to add a new store in Apliiq

Select the option to setup your store as a Shopify Private app. Copy and paste your storename, the api key, password, and secret from the Shopify private app to your Apliiq store.

step 2 setting up apliiq dropshipping store

Your storename MUST BE YOUR SHOPIFY store name. You can get your storename by logging into Shopify and copying your URL, as show in the screenshot above. The URL will follow this format; https://yourstorename.myshopify.com. Your store name are the characters after https:// and before .myshopify.com. Copy only your store name and paste it into the Apliiq storename.

Save your store and you are almost ready to start dropshipping! All you have to do is finalize your dropshipping settings, like setting up your white label packaging, and setting a default credit card.

finalize your dropshiping settings