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How To Update A Saved Design

From time to time you may need to edit a saved design. Perhaps you forgot to leave a note with an exact size placement or size or you’d like to add a high resolution version of your artwork. Or perhaps you have a bunch of saved designs, which you’d like to add a woven label to. Accessing and making small changes to your saved designs is simple.

To get started, login to your Apliiq account and go to your saved designs page.

Click on the product you’d like to edit to go to that product details page. On the product details page you can see all the details of your saved design.

Once a product has been saved there are a few types of updates you can make to the product;

  • You can add or update a note for each artwork.
  • If you haven’t already, you can link to a high resolution version of your artwork.
  • You can update the position of your woven labels or add woven labels to your design.
  • Adding or removing a print, embroidery, patch, pocket or liner
  • Making significant changes to any artwork
  • Changing the color or type of garment to be used

Please note: If you have already placed an order, changes made to the saved design page will not update orders that are already being produced. It will only update new orders for that product. If you need to make changes on a current order, please contact cs@apliiq.com or let your production artist know artist@apliiq.com.